Panorama City

Panorama City is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California, within the San Fernando Valley. It has a high population density with a generally young age range. Ethnically, it is considered “moderately diverse.” More than half the population was born abroad, a higher percentage than Los Angeles City. Known as the Valley’s first planned community, today it is a mixture of single-family homes and low-rise apartment buildings. Some notable people have lived in the neighborhood or have been connected with it. Government agencies offices at federal, state and City level are located in Panorama City.

Panorama City has three high schools among its dozen educational establishments. It has two recreational centers and a senior center. Also, it has two hospitals.

The place to live

Panorama City is the place to live, with several developers in the past two years remodeling and building new homes Panorama City is leading the way in several ways, the new Panorama City includes plenty of green, solar, and community friendly spaces, now days thanks to the City of L.A. every new development has to be heard by the community and has to be supported by the community.

Conduct Business

Panorama City is now days the place to conduct business, with such places as the Valley Gate Way, managed by Premier Business Centers now days you can conduct business not only in a professional manner but as Class A business at an affordable rate. Such business as US Bank, AT&T, Global Tech Corp. and the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce are located within this Class A building.

Prestigious Brands

Panorama City is the place to work and shop, with such brands as Ironhead Studio, Starbucks, The Gap, Old Navy, Chipotle, Wing Stop, Yogurt Land, Blaze Pizza, Pet Co., Living Spaces, and three new shopping centers coming up, Panorama City is the place to work and shop, not only now but also in the near future.