Panorama City History

Panorama City is known as the San Fernando Valley’s first planned community. In 1948, it was developed as such by residential developer Fritz B. Burns and industrialist Henry J. Kaiser. Burns, seeing the tremendous potential fortune that could be made as large numbers of World War II veterans came home and started families, teamed up with Kaiser in 1945 to form Kaiser Community Homes. The vast majority of the houses were bought with loans issued by the FHA or the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, better known as the G.I. Bill. Homes in the area were sold with racially discriminatory covenants. A “Conditions, Covenants, Restrictions” document filed with the county recorder declared that no Panorama City lot could be “used or occupied by any person whose blood is not entirely that of the white or Caucasian race. Such restrictive covenants, which sometimes also limited ownership to people “of the Christian faith”, were common in many communities at the time, and although rendered legally unenforceable by the Civil Rights Act of 1968 they may still be found on some older property deeds. De facto integration was accelerated by the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. The CRA-insured credit was provided to the entire community without regard to race or income, causing white flight as with many other areas of the San Fernando Valley. During the period of forced school busing, Panorama City was exempted due to its diversity.

In its history, Panorama City was once adjacent to General Motors’ largest assembly plant to date.

The Heart Of The Valley

Panorama City has been called “The Heart Of The Valley” for several decades,

The original developer’s signs proclaimed Panorama City “The Heart Of The Valley”. It’s central location west of the 405 Freeway and north of the railroad line to Ventura still makes it the most conveniently located area in the Valley for transportation. Nearby are the Flyaway bus terminal to LAX, the Burbank airport, the 405, 170, 118, and 5 freeways, and a local Amtrack station.

Kaiser homes in 1948

Prospective buyers tour a newly completed tract of Kaiser homes in 1948 in Panorama City. Demand was fed by ex-soldiers and their families. Panorama City was part of what used to be “The Orange Grove” the economy of the San Fernando Valley was one the greatest in the entire United States. Homes where the most affordable in the San Fernando Valley.

In 1962

In 1962 the original Panorama City Chamber of Commerce was established as Panorama City was developing and more business began to open, their office used to be located at 8316 Mammoth Ave. Panorama City CA. 91402, the building was design by Fritz-Burns Co. and included a reception room, conference room, executive and manager offices. Their President was William L. Marlin, the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce was a very active Chamber until 1989 when more and more business opened in Panorama City. In 1989 the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce was closed and changes were needed.