Business Expos

The Panorama City Chamber of Commerce will host a minimum of 3 business expos including the “Shop Small” Expo sponsored by American Express on Small Business Saturday, events such as Shop Small bring awareness of the importance to support our local small business and such events as our Mega Expo creates a full-scale expo for all of our business, small, medium and large. 

We Support Small Businesses

Small Business are the backbone of America, so why so many small businesses close every year? Many are due to the lack of information and support, making sure your neighbors know your business exist is vital to surviving and remain competitive, opening the doors to your business and expect clients to walk in is never enough.

Prestige To Our Community

Medium business are also very important, many of the business in Panorama City although they may seem like major companies, many are independently owned and operated by many franchise owners, iHop, some T-Mobile stores, several 7 Eleven’s, all Boost Mobile, and all Mc Donald’s are franchise business in Panorama City. This name brands bring prestige to our community but many times also face the same challenges as a small business, the support from the community is vital for them to survive, the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce is proud to support and help medium business and franchise owned stores.

Leading The Future

Leading companies from Mission Tortillas to Walmart, to McDonald’s, to Ford, have recognized that 100% of the U.S. population growth in the next 10 years will come from Hispanics.  Panorama City has a large population of Hispanics, these companies need all the marketing possible, they need us as much as we need them to support and fund our Community and the Chamber so we can continue providing services to all business. Leading companies such as The Icon Co., Decron properties, Primestor and other are leading the way in taking Panorama City into the future.