Power in Numbers.

Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed) is a massive, diverse grassroots alliance that unites and amplifies the voice of business. With more than 145 business organizations representing 272,000 employers with 3 million employees throughout LA County, BizFed is a massive, diverse grassroots alliance that advocates for policies and projects that strengthen our regional economy.


Force Multiplier

As a united federation, business leaders in LA County are able to more efficiently collaborate and mobilize to advance a shared agenda on local, regional, state and national issues. BizFed members are force multipliers who mobilize and empower their communities to take action on policies and projects that affect our economy

Access to Leaders

BizFed provides high-level access to key policy makers, elected officials, and thought leaders. We engage influencers in substantive dialogue, partner with them on developing and implementing solutions, and hold them accountable for successful outcomes.

Defining Issues

BizFed leadership meets regularly with elected officials at all levels ensuring our members’ priorities are defining the issues that our leaders tackle. Leveraging our power in numbers, thoughtfully exploring all sides of critical issues, and taking action, our alliance is making a real difference for business growth, job creation, and economic vitality in Southern California.