Awards Ceremony

The Panorama City Chamber of Commerce will host 1 annual Awards Ceremony to recognize those individuals and business that have made a Significant impact in our community, we will recognize them in multiple categories and levels, including but not limited to individual, small, medium and corporate business. This event is intended to motivate other business not only to join the chamber but also to participate within the Chamber and the community.

Motivated Team

Board Members of the Panorama City Chamber of received several awards by multiple Government Agencies at Federal, State, and City level. Recognizing those members that are willing to go above and beyond is very important to the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce, this keeps our officers and board members motivated and make them feel appreciated, we are proud to have such quality members that care about their community.

Example Member

Danilo Guerra (Panorama City Chamber of Commerce Secretary/Global Tech CEO) has been recognizes by the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce, AREAA, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, and was nominated as the Small Business of the Year by the Office of Senator Bob Hertzberg. Danilo Guerra has served as an example not only as a business owner but as a community leader as well. We are proud to have him serve as an Officer of the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce.

Amazing Member

Mrs. Emily Roberts (Panorama City Chamber of Commerce VP/Treasurer) is one of the most decorated and awarded individuals in the Panorama City Chamber of Commerce, she has received such recognitions as the Mother Teresa Award, Small Business of the Year by the United Chambers and has been nominated for the Fernando Award in the past, with more than 300 awards Mrs. Roberts is an example of leadership and hard work in the community. We are proud to have her serve as an Officer in the Chamber.